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Team Digital - Brinkmann Pumps

Pump control, pump monitoring,
frequency converter

Digital solutions

Brainpower for every pump

Our team digital for more efficiency.

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT): With our pump control bplogic, the pump monitoring bpsense and the frequency converter bpdrive, we accompany you in the digitalization of your pump processes.

Take advantage of these benefits:
Monitoring | Energy Savings | Predictive Maintenance | Connectivity | Soft Sensors


Pump control bplogic


Control. Optimize. Digitalize.
Discover our pump control

Pumpenüberwachung bpsense


Digital. Integrated. Easy.
Intelligent monitoring of uncontrolled pumps

bpsense PDF
Frequenzumrichter bpdrive


Speed control for pump motor –
Frequency converter for clever energy savings

bpdrive Control/Regulation PDF