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Energetic consideration of the pump application in the process

Energy measurements and consultations

In order to realize ideal conditions for your pumps and frequency converters, we subject the pump application in the respective process to a complete energy analysis. Our technicians carry out on-site measurements of operating points, characteristic curves and energy curves and use the results to identify optimization potential.

With our know-how, our innovative technology and corresponding sensor technology, we optimize your plant in such a way that we can also prove this metrologically. In a comprehensive evaluation, we make suggestions to further optimize energy efficiency, document energy consumption and pave the way to efficient energy management.


Your advantages of our energy consultations

  • Identification of errors, defects and malfunctions
  • High energy saving potential
  • Monitoring of operating states
  • Higher efficiency through lower operating costs
  • Detailed documentation
Technischer Service und Dienstleistungen
Technical Service and Services
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