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BrinkmannPumps History

Milestones from over 70 years in the company's history


Pump monitoring bpsense

Expansion of the digital portfolio: Presentation of the integrated pump monitor bpsense 


Pump control bplogic

Start into the world of digitalization: Utilizing bplogic pump control allows to intelligently integrate BRINKMANN PUMPS' know how between machine tools, pumps, filtration systems and other components.

Stainless steel pumps

Stainless steel pumps for industrial washing applications of metal parts are presented


Self-priming end-suction pumps

Expansion of the product range with self-priming end-suction pumps for quick suction from up to 5 m depth.


Utility model protection for offset regulation

Utility model protection is awarded for the BRINKMANN PUMPS offset regulation for screw spindle pumps with a frequency converter.

Moving Brinkmann Pumps Japan

The Japanese subsidiary moves to Fujisawa, Kanagawa. In addition to 160 sqm of office space (incl. a conference and training room) there is now 1,400 sqm of warehousing and assembly space available.


Cutter pumps for steel chips

Market launch of cutter pumps for defined steel applications with a robust cutting mechanism


ATEX approval

Brinkmann motors receives ATEX approval for use in dusty environments, cat. 3D zone 22



Werdohl hosts the first BRINKMANN PUMPS symposium. The theme of this event was "The contribution of energy efficient components in energy efficient machine tools".


Extension at Brinkmann Pumps Werdohl

Production space at the Werdohl site is expanded

New subsidiary in Japan

The "Brinkmann Pumps Japan" subsidiary opens at Hiratsuka, Kanagawa


Horizontal end-suction pumps

Introduction of horizontal end suction pumps characterised by a compact block design with the impeller on an extended motor shaft.


Screw spindle pumps

Market introduction of the first screw spindle pumps that the company designed and manufactured on its own.


Cutter pumps

An innovative generation of pumps defines the standard in the market: Cutter pumps with an integrated chip breaker (for aluminium) are installed within the automobile industry.


New subsidiary in the USA

Founding of the subsidiary "Brinkmann Pumps Inc." in the USA, (Wixom, Michigan)


Quick suctioning immersion pumps

The innovative quick suctioning immersion pumps with the patented "BRINKMANN suction de-aeration system" enables the efficient pumping of extremely inflated fluids.


Moving Brinkmann Pumps Werdohl

Acquisition of new company premises and production sites in Friedrichstraße, Werdohl


Continuous expansion of the location Werdohl-Kleinhammer

Continuous growth of the company forces a constant expansion of production capacity and the accompanying development of the company's premises


Coolant pumps

Even after a short period, there was a wide range of pumps


Company foundation

Foundation of BRINKMANN PUMPEN by Karl-Heinz Brinkmann at Werdohl-Kleinhammer