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Pumps, frequency converter, pump control

On-site commissioning

We will be happy to assist you with the commissioning of your pump with the variable frequency drive FKO or the pump control bplogic and the pumps controlled by it. Our technicians will guide you step by step through the commissioning process. In addition to important functional tests, they perform measurements for safe and smooth operation of the pump systems. At the same time, your employees are instructed in the operation of the software.

For the commissioning of pump systems, the plant is ideally completely piped – all components are electrically connected and ready to be switched on. Presence of your staff during the initial commissioning is desirable, but not a prerequisite. During on-site commissioning, our technicians can assess the environment and application well and adjust the pump or the setup of the bplogic optimally for your application.


Advantages of on-site commissioning

  •  Personal instruction in operation and software of the pump systems
  •  Fixed contact person for commissioning on site
  •  Monitoring the initial commissioning
  •  Checking the installed measuring devices for the protection of the pump
  •  Test runs and trial operation
  •  Documentation of the operating data
  •  Complete verification of the installation
  •  Optimization of the running properties
Technischer Service und Dienstleistungen
Technical Service and Services
Jens Holger Ulrich

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