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Compact pumps for tempering equipment

Plastic industry

Do you require to deliver high temperature fluids? Our pump line for high temperature features immersible and small centrifugal pumps which are small and compact: The ideal line up for your tempering equipment.


Tempering equipment

In the plastic industry, tempering equipment ensures a quick heating of the mold and the retention of the desired operating temperature. Water or oil are used (in which water is used up to 90° C and even up to 160° C in pressurized closed water circuits). In this range compact pumps are used for high temperatures.


Our product selection for temperature control units

Suitable products

Medium / High Pressure Pumps

e. g. Immersion Pumps


Plastic Pumps / Miniature Centrifugal Pumps

e. g. Immersion Pumps, Miniature Centrifugal Pumps