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81. Home - Pump solutions
for the industry
Pump solutions for the industry  
82. Cutter Pumps - Video Embed  
Video Embed  
83. Cutter Pumps  
Cutter Pumps can cut and pump long, stringy aluminum chips (SFC), defined, low alloyed steel chips (SXC) and plastic chips (SPC). They replace chip breakers and shredders in many…  
84. Cutter Pumps Application Shop rags  
The cutter pumps are capable of cutting aluminum chips and similar materials and pumping of these materials along with the coolant fluid. An agitator located at the pump suction helps to break up…  
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86. Certificates  
88. Printing industry  
Clean and correctly set up dampening solution is an elementary factor for the best possible print result. Today, finely tuned solutions are used. An ideal application for immersible plastic pumps…  
89. Optical industry  
Turning, milling, grinding and polishing: Plastic pumps and centrifugal pumps are used for the manufacturing of eyewear or precision optics.  
90. Beverage industry  
Brinkmann pumps in the beverage industry? Indirectly, yes. We tapped into an interesting market many years ago with our line of plastic pumps. Here, the pumps deliver coolant through a hose…  
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