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EMO 2019

Invitation to EMO 2019 in Hanover

We would be pleased to welcome you at our booth in hall 6 / booth K15 at the EMO in Hanover. As a company with strong focus on the future, we are always working on extending our existing product range and on improving our current products and on making them even more user-friendly for you. Therefore, we invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see our newly released product offerings first hand during the EMO show.




bplogic: Now, configuration instead of programming! 

We proudly present this newest feature of our smart pump control: bplogic can now be configured by simple logic operations – users can now program without any prior programming knowledge!

Low-emission Drive:

• Coolant pumps with water-cooled motor drives: A particularly quiet solution, which allows for a targeted means of heat dissipation and even its use.


As a pump manufacturer with our own line of motors, we now offer our motors under the brand name: “bpdrivetec”.
• Adapted to your special requirements, you can now obtain motors not only with various voltage and frequency combinations but also with customized motor flange and shaft dimensions.
• Multi Country Motor: This line of motors has specifically been design to meet a multitude of country specific requirements across the globe.
• Our R&D Projects:
   - Development of a new connection technology within the terminal box – Don’t screw, simply clamp!
   - Development of a new low-noise motor fan

Extensions of our current Product Lines:

Cutter pumps: The SFC620 is the newest and smallest member of our line of cutter pumps to complete this pump range for low flow rate requirements.
Vertical end-suction pumps: This compact and space saving line of vertical inline pumps with semi-open impellers is now also available for our smaller pump sizes – and even as multi-stage versions.

  The Brinkmann Pumps Team is looking forward to welcoming you at our booth to discuss our newest development in more detail with you and to receive your feedback on our new inventions first hand!


Press picture bplogic pump control



BRINKMANN PUMPS introduces innovative bplogic pump control system

Industry 4.0: Werdohl-based pump specialist raises its profile in the field of digitalization

Over the course of more than six decades, BRINKMANN PUMPEN K.H. Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG (BRINKMANN PUMPS) has earned an unrivalled reputation for quality as a manufacturer of technologically sophisticated coolant pumps: The family business, which is headquartered in the town of Werdohl in the German region of Sauerland, employs more than 300 people worldwide and produces a broad range of equipment that is used in the machine tool, printing machine, plastics, and beverage industries.

  And now, BRINKMANN PUMPS has a compelling new development that the company showcased for the first time ever last September at the AMB trade fair in Stuttgart: The intelligent bplogic pump control system. This system perfectly expands the company's existing line of coolant pumps to a new direction while at the same time representing a tremendous milestone in the journey towards digitalization. This innovative device is designed to be integrated between machine tools, pumps, filtration systems, and other components, and is able to adapt perfectly to system environments regardless of the variable frequency drive brands being used.

  The decisive advantages for users: For starters, bplogic makes it possible to implement predictive maintenance for the coolant pumps that are being used. The device is able to determine the extent of wear on pumps and derive service schedules and runtime estimates based on that information. Moreover, bplogic monitors all operating data for connected pumps with the use of long-term logging (incl. a CSV export functionality), and not only features operating hour counters, but is also able to display current energy consumption data. On top of this, event logging makes it possible to quickly pinpoint faults with clear text user prompts. In addition to basic applications as a plug-and-pump solution in open loop and closed loop control scenarios, the control system can also control the level for pump-back stations – in fact, the scope of applications extends all the way from the operation of two pumps in series to six pumps in parallel. Moreover, the control system can also be used for more advanced applications: As a smart field device, bplogic can monitor and control valves and other equipment, relieving the load on the corresponding machine tool.

  The bplogic pump control system is housed in a modular aluminum housing and features a 7" color display with a clear and intuitive GUI. The system can be mounted in any direction, and its standard M12 connectors ensure that wiring complexity and effort are kept to a minimum. In addition to this, volumetric flow rates can be calculated with software based on the measured pressure and without having to use a physical flow sensor. Finally, connectivity is an integral part of the system: There are not only optional fieldbus connections, but also the option of using Ethernet-based communication, as well as an optional cloud and Wi-Fi connection for mobile devices.

  "With our bplogic pump control system, we're entering new territory and showcasing, for the first time ever, a development of our own that is not a pump," Jörg Neemann, Head of Sales and Marketing at BRINKMANN PUMPS, explains. "This means that we're not only offering our customers an intelligent and ideal complement to our products now, but also ensuring that our company remains competitive well into the future in the era of Industry 4.0." In fact, with its new bplogic control system, BRINKMANN PUMPS is confirming its capacity for innovation and further raising its profile as a company with unparalleled know-how in the field.

Download press release and press picture:
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Technical change!

The motor classification of our pump series (S)TH416A390 and FH416A49 has been changed from 1.5 kW to 1.7 kW in the 50 Hz execution.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.