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Here you will find the most important answers to frequently asked questions.


Catalogs and data sheets

  • Catalogs and data sheets can be found via the Product Quickfinder or in the Download area.
  • Old data sheets for discontinued models can be obtained from your direct contact in the internal Sales Department.

Operating instructions and spare part lists 

  • Operating instructions incl. spare parts list can be found via the Product Quickfinder or directly under Downloads in Operating Instructions.
  • Operating instructions for discontinued models can be obtained from our Internal Sales Team.


ISO9001 Certifikate

  • You can obtain the respective valid document in the Downloads section under Certifikates.

Pump selection

Pump types

  • Our Product range distinguishes between centrifugal pumps and screw spindle pumps.
  • We offer pumps for various industries such as the machine tool industry, plastics industry, beverage industry or the printing industry.


Immersion depth, minimum

Operating limits

  • Detailed information on the operating limits can be found in our operating instructions. Operating instructions.

Electrical Information

Rated current and speed

  • Standard information on the motor data can be found directly with the respective product in the data sheet.

Starting currents 

  • Generally, the starting currents for IE3 motors are 9-11 x IN


  • As of 01.01.2017, motors (≥ 0.75 kW) built and sold within the EU must comply with the new IE3 standard.

NEMA and other international standards

  • As of 01.07.2016, motors (≥ 1 HP) manufactured or distributed in the USA must comply with the current NEMA Premium Standard.
    The standard is documented via a CC number from the DOE.
  • We also offer solutions for other international standards. You can find these under Downloads in the Technical Information "Electrical". 
    On request, we offer solutions with standard motors.



Mechanical Information

Pump curves

  • Pump curves are based on water with a viscosity of 1cSt.
  • In our characteristic curve fields, the pressure is plotted against the volume flow rate.
    The conversion from bar to mFs can be done simplified with the factor 10. 1 bar corresponds to approx. 10 mFs.
  • When using higher viscosity fluids, e.g. oil, the pump curve for centrifugal pumps generally decreases.
    Please contact our Sales Department for a characteristic curve related to your specific application.

Weights and measures 

  • All weights and dimensions can be found in our Catalogs.

Direction of rotation


Price information

Price lists

  • Most pumps are configured for their application, so we do not publish a standard price list.
    Your direct contact persons will be happy to answer your questions at any time. 

Contact information

Contacts Germany and worldwide 

  • We will be happy to introduce you to your personal contact under Contact.