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Brinkmann Pumps press release STH21/STH28

New immersion pumps for medium-pressure applications

Expansion of the STH series to include sizes 21 and 28
Powerful centrifugal pumps are used in machine tools and mechanical engineering. They are immersed in the fluid to pump, for example, cooling emulsions or coolants and cutting oils. BRINKMANN PUMPS is now expanding its range in this application area. The immersion pumps of the STH series can also be ordered in the large sizes 21 and 28 from March 2022. 
With their closed impellers, the new pumps of the medium-pressure series impress with very good hydraulic efficiencies. The units cover flow rates of up to 1200 l/min and reach pressures of up to 20 bar. Another advantage is the fine characteristic curve graduation, which enables precise operating point design and also allows users to save energy. For special control tasks, it is also possible to use an add-on variable frequency drive matched to the pump characteristics.
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